The Christian life is a call to live an everyday faith – one where our beliefs and actions match. Those choosing to live an everyday faith will inevitably make a difference in the world for Jesus and His kingdom. If we want to witness a lived faith, we need to look no further than Jesus. He was the perfect Christian and the embodiment of truth. In the gospels, we get a front row seat to His life and actionable faith.Imagine seeing faith in action from another lens. James, the brother of Jesus, writes his letter calling the church to have a faith that moves the world through action. The one who truly sat physically on the front row of Jesus’ life now calls the church to live like his holy Brother. Through this 45 day devotional, you will journey to explore through James’ eyes a living faith that is real and truly changes the world.

In this seven day devotional book written by Ben Birdsong and illustrated by Pete Collins, Jesus’ final words from the cross come to life through illustrations and devotional reflection. Come and stand at the foot of the cross and listen to Jesus. Let the transformational truth of His words change your life and draw you deeper into a relationship with Him.